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A springless passive safety device for pre-fillable syringes

UniSafe is a springless, passive safety device designed to work with standard, pre-fillable syringes. This means nothing that touches the drug needs to change. UniSafe looks and works like a normal syringe.

Key features

  • UniSafe is designed without a spring, which means that the syringe barrel is unobscured, allowing the user to visually confirm the full dose has been delivered
  • Improved end-user comfort with a larger, ergonomic plunger head and a smoother, more integrated finger flange resulting in a more integrated look and feel
  • Prevention of accidental activation which can occur with traditional spring-based auto-injectors
  • Passive needle retraction means that the device is safe as soon as the plunger is fully depressed
  • Designed to work with standard, pre-fillable syringes

Easy to Use

  1. Remove needle shield
  2. Insert needle into injection site, and fully depress plunger
  3. Once dose is delivered, the needle is retracted with no additional steps required