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Autoject® Flex

The disposable auto-injector with passive needle safety and true auto-injection

Autoject® Flex’s patented, anti-tamper feature ensures ultimate safety. It is simple to use right from the start, making it ideal for patients with dexterity problems. Simple component designs and a low component count allow for efficient, easy, and economic manufacturing.

Also available as a prefilled, ready-to-use variant. Ask for details about our established final-assembly service.

Key features

  • Passive needle protection to minimise discomfort and anxiety
  • Inspection window for visual indication of drug integrity and injection completion
  • True auto-injection: needle is inserted and dose is delivered automatically
  • Intuitive: available for use as a press-button or contact-activated device

Easy to Use

  1. Remove cap and safety tab
  2. Place device on injection site, pressing against skin automatically unlocks device and activates injection
  3. Needle shroud locks into place when device is removed from injection site
Contact 2
Disposable Yes Yes
True autoinjector: needle is injected and drug delivered at the touch of a button Contact Yes
Needle hidden before injection Yes Yes
Sharps Injury Protection (ISO23908, ISO110608-1, ISO11068-5) Yes Yes
Safety Lock to prevent accidental activation Yes Yes
End of dose indication Yes (Visual) Yes (Visual)
Needle shield removal Yes Yes
Multi-Dose No No
Fixed Dose Yes Yes
Syringe type Glass prefilled Glass prefilled
Syringe size 1ml long 1ml long
Subcutaneous Yes Yes