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Owen Mumford has been pioneering medical device design for customers, like you, for over 60 years. You can take pride knowing that we have achieved a number of firsts for our customers during our journey and will continue to do so in the future for you.


We produce our first medical device, a refined version of the revolutionary Macintosh laryngoscope used in larynx examinations. Following the requests of doctors to maximise ease of use, we collaborated with Professor Robert Macintosh, who suggested improvements to the design, which we then incorporated into the device.

In conjunction with the Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics, we design the breakthrough product, the Oxford Inflating Bellows, which is widely distributed (2,000 units). To meet growing customer demand, we move our company to Woodstock near Oxford in the UK. Our numbers expand and so does investment – allowing us to grow current partnerships and establish new ones.


Robert Turner and Rury Holman of the Radliffe Infirmary help us develop our first ground-breaking product – the Autolet®, the world’s first blood sampling lancet device. It changes the landscape of blood glucose testing and emphasises how trusted partnerships lead to medical device innovation. For the very first time, our partners offer patients a way to monitor blood glucose levels at home.

Following partner requests for an efficacious and cost-effective injecting device, we design the world’s first plastic auto-injector to provide savings and better access for patients.


Pharmaceutical firms consult us seeking a convenient device to deliver insulin using a cartridge rather than a syringe-based mechanism. The solution is the Autopen®, a unique cartridge-based delivery device for diabetes care.

Our partners need a way to make blood sampling safe, easy and cost effective. To meet this need, we launch Unistik® 2, the first single-use lancing device. Unistik® 2 helps practitioners minimise needle-stick injuries and cross contamination. The Unistik® 2 is so successful, our partners request multiple sizes of the device to give patients added comfort.

Early 1990s

Following customer requests and feedback for a device to increase patient adherence and make sampling more comfortable, we patent Comfort Zone Technology®, based on the Gate Theory of Pain. The technology is incorporated into the Autolet® Impression, an ergonomic blood sampling device to maximise patient use.

Our partners ask for a lancing device giving practitioners complete control over the sampling procedure. Unistik® 3 is launched, the first ergonomically-designed, single-use, lancet device incorporating both Comfort Zone Technology® and a side-firing button.


An incredibly special year for us. We are recognised for our willingness to innovate partner solutions, winning two prestigious Queen’s awards for international trade and innovation.

Working in partnership with you, we have over six decades of innovation and firsts, but there are many more to come. The future of our company and our partnership with you has yet to be written.