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Ivan Owen and John Mumford start building hospital furniture and equipment from a modestly-sized lock-up garage owned by Ivan’s father.

Owen Mumford designs a refined version of the revolutionary Macintosh laryngoscope used in larynx examinations. We collaborate with Professor Robert Macintosh, a professor of anaesthetics, who suggests improvements to its design, which we incorporate into the device.


A decade of change for Owen Mumford. We expand our premises to an old glove factory in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Although we continue to manufacture anaesthetic equipment, we expand into trade injection moulding, creating moulds for a variety of products.

Owen Mumford launches Autolet®, the world’s first automatic lancing device, revolutionising blood glucose sampling. This makes the lancing procedure less burdensome, enabling patients to test their blood glucose levels at home.


We enter the world of disposable lancets with the introduction of the Unilet® range. The range is so successful that to date there are five different versions of this lancet, making it one of Owen Mumford’s best-selling devices.

The first Autoinjector™ drug delivery system was produced. This device transformed drug administration for patients, incorporating trigger spring technology, enhancing ease of use and increasing patient adherence.


With growing success in the medical device industry, we cease working in injection trade moulding, directing our energy toward exceptional medical devices.

Owen Mumford recognised by the Sunday Times as a dependable and reliable business with an impeccable financial record and long-term business strategy.


Neuropen® is launched—the first dual purpose, conveniently-sized neuropathy screening device to measure sensation in both small and large nerve fibres. The device ensures patients received the most efficient and easy screening programme possible.

Owen Mumford proudly celebrates 50 years of designing and manufacturing innovative medical devices.


We introduce Comfort Zone Technology®, based on the patented pain masking mechanism of Gate Theory of Pain. The new technology is used in the Autolet® Impression—an ergonomically designed lancing device focussed on comfort and adherence.

International recognition with two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, demonstrating innovation and the capability to deliver to clients not just on a national, but global level.


Owen Mumford marks the milestone of 60 years of leadership in the medical device industry.

Extavipro®30G launches aiming to change the administration of disease modifying therapies in Multiple Sclerosis. The new device combines ergonomic design with injection comfort, assisting patients with limited grip and reducing pain by using the thinnest needle possible.


We continue to push the boundaries of medical device design – paving the way for a future of cutting-edge technology, successful partnership and meaningful innovation for patients.